Awesome April! April 01 2017

Awesome April: JM Creations FREE DELIVERY with RM80 spend

April is the month where the people of the world have a go at each other with April Fool's Day, the Christians commemorate Easter Sunday, and the Malaysians scramble to submit their income taxes. At JM Creations, we're here to promote goodwill and creativity so, take on April in stride and enjoy FREE DELIVERY on all orders with a minimum spend of RM80, valid to all Malaysians from 1st to 30th April 2017.

We're so excited to head into the second quarter of 2017 with an array of new art supplies! In-store highlights are the Kokuyo Donut Seal Stamp that is all the rage this season, and stay tuned for the all new custom wax seals coming in within the next few days.

Here's to making April awesome again!